Projinks a Productivity tool

I'm going to assume that we have all had moments, when something just felt way too complex.  I am a Developer, and I found myself in the middle of a project that needed extra testing due to fragile code. Writing or building on top of a fragile system isn't desirable, but it happens to all developers at some point. I became pretty frustrated with the process of going from link to link.  Day after day, I would have to repeat this test loop, and was faced with the challenge of keeping open 25 links in my browser. This made it noticably slow. That was the moment that I started to devise a plan which resulted in Projinks.  

Since i'm a developer I spend a good chunk of my time in the terminal, IDE (text editor), and of course a browser.  I find myself using chrome over other browsers, mainly due to the full google suite. Therefore, I tried using several chrome apps. However, they didn't extended the browser like I wanted.  So I decied to make it simple and create an extension just for myself, and potentially other Devs or Techies that find themselves having a lot of project links (project+links=Projinks).

The first draft took me a little over a weekend.  Most of that time was spent getting up to speed on chrome's API.  A number of features were scratched off the list due to chrome API limitations.  Right away I was so impressed, (of course we are with anything that we build) at how it did solved my initial problem. For about two months I told only a handful of people outside of my colleages.  Initially, I was content. Then, I started to think about how to make this tool even better, so I began to tell more folks about it. People liked it and more importantly, they found so many other uses for it.

Projinks has become a productivity tool clustering links for:

  • web development
  • QA testing
  • school
  • work
  • play projects
  • research
  • online-learning
  • general organizing
  • curating blogs/news
  • and many more

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