Please Don't Throw Away an Old Computer, Re-Purpose it!

For years I was a dedicated windows user, who also grew up using apple computers in grade school.  The irony is it almost isn't possible to go PC shopping in a store without choosing one or the other.  When pinning one versus the other it's not a far stretch to say my apple computer has outlasted any windows PC I've owned.

That was until I found Linux.

In the bronx, I see computers on the curb daily and I question, what has that PC done to it's owner?  Sometimes I make the decision to save it and sometimes I leave it.  Unless the computer is literally a dinosaur fossil I can't see why someone would place it in the garbage.

Why do we part with our technology anyway?

It takes me a while to part.  I'm also convinced that people part for reasons other than it's effectiveness.  Maybe they want whats new? Is that the reason you'll go and grab a gold laptop from fortnox in 2015.  Or maybe your in a store asking a sales person who is reading the same micro-info listed next to the PC's in the store which have made you ram and Harddrive size crazy?  None the less you've convinced yourself it's time.  What now?

If your computer is still able to turn on then I challenge you to try a Linux Distrobution.  The chances of you reading this far means you've already heard of Linux and should take that next step.  If not, g**gle it!.  Don't expect any linux distro to turn your PC into a spaceship but honestly, it's free, it's fun, and dependable.  In my twisted world, a linux store would accompany an Apple, and Windows store at the mall.

My favorite linux distro is Ubuntu (uu-boon-tuu).  But feel free to explore others (linux mint, fedora, debian, arch, etc).  There was a time where the learning curve was steep, luckily for you and I that time has long passed.

Before your ready to get rid of your PC and this isn't the route you want to take, please reach out to a friend that is into computers, a local business, or donate to a community center.  Lets keep the dumps free of computers that can help solve our problems.